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Relentlessly pursuing on the course to JUSTICE, Since 1965

Been regarded as #1 Law Firm in Chandigarh by umpteen business as well as individual clients, B&B Associates LLP and its award winning Advocates stand tall for Dependability and Highly Professional Dealings in litigation as well as Corporate Law Matters.


Litigation Lawyers in Chandigarh

Standing tall for efficacy and dependability, B&B Associates LLP is a leading law firm in Chandigarh having proficient and the best Lawyers/ Advocates in Chandigarh High Court. The firm is sought in exigent and high-stake legal matters by a wide range of national, International, NRI, and Corporate clientele. The firm robustly represents its clientele before various courts and tribunals in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali.

The law firm’s senior advocates in Chandigarh have over 37 years of law practice experience and stand distinguished among the best advocates of Punjab & Haryana High Court.

Preferring an organized approach, the law firm hosts expert full-time lawyers with mastery in their specific fields. The firm also hosts an in-house team of pragmatic forensic experts, analysts, researchers, and orators who conjointly effort to bring hope in despondent matters. With a law-practice spanning through generations, B&B earned has a reputation for diligent, focused, and, accurate dealings. Firm’s top advocates in Chandigarh do not hesitate from traveling an extra mile to bring justice to an innocent. The counsels are known for their court-craft, mannerism and communication skills. Our lawyers bear the virtues of rationality, humility, and accountability in their professional conduct and dealings.

B&B confirms to a highly productive culture deck and exhibits an unfettered service motive towards its client. The Law firm habitually caters to those who expect the best lawyers in Chandigarh to work in their matter.


Business Lawyers in Chandigarh
Confirming to the highest standards of professionalism, the law firm prefers a progressive and transparent approach in Corporate Law dealings and has a good experience of catering to multinational, corporate, and, business groups of all sizes. The firm ensures that Corporate Law services are conducive to the needs of modern-day business clientele. The firm through accomplished and illustrious Corporate Advocates in Chandigarh extend its dealings in:

  • Licensing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Documentation & Filing
  • Employment & Service Contracts
  • Procurement Contracts
  • Reviewing/ Execution
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Incorporation Services
  • Formulation of SPV/ SPE
  • Policy framing and formulation of rules, guidelines etc.
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Public Private Partnership Project Management.
  • Portfolio Management
  • Legal Research & Analysis
  • Damage/ Claim Litigation
  • NCLT proceedings

Business & corporations rely on our insight across a variety of industries vis.:

Information Technology, Online Trading, Financial Services, Media & Technology, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Intellectual Property Rights, Competitive sports, Mining, Imports & Exports etc.


  • Advocate in Chandigarh

    Mr. Mohit K Bhandari


    An accomplished advocate, Mr. Bhandari Graduated from Faculty of Law, Delhi University…

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  • Best Lawyer in Chandigarh

    Mrs. Savita Bhandari


    Graduating from Faculty of Law, Delhi University in the year 1981, Mrs. Savita Bhandari embarked…

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  • Best Advocate in Chandigarh

    Dr. Rohit Samhotra


    Dr. Samhotra is among the finest brains at B&B Associates LLP. For his astounding dedication…

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  • Best Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh

    Ambransh Bhandari


    A well acclaimed public speaker, writer, actor, a theoretician, analyst and philosopher…

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  • Immigration Lawyer in chandigarh

    Dr. Ritumbra Manuvie Blok


    Dr. Manuvie, is an alumni of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. She…

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  • Best Civil Lawyer in Chandigarh

    Sunny Menghi


    Mr. Sunny Menghi pursued his bachelors in Law from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He further…

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  • advocate chandigarh

    Anjali Bisht


    Ms. Anjali Bisht pursued her law from Garhwal University and further completed her post-graduation…

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  • Advocate Paras Chugh

    Paras Chugh


    Widely respected among the legal fraternity, Mr. Chugh maintains both deep and exhaustive knowledge of…

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  • Best Lawyer in Ludhiana

    Sukhmeet Singh Bhatia


    Mr. Sukhmeet Singh Bhatia is enrolled with the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana, since 2014…

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  • Corporate Lawyer in Chandigarh

    Abhishek M Uchil


    A graduate from Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Mr. Abhishek Uchil holds a double degree in the…

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About B&B Lawyers:

Litigation advocates in Chandigarh

In a field as vast and diverse as law, B&B Associates LLP brings its expertise in various disciplines. Some of the top lawyers of Punjab & Haryana High Court who are renowned for their prudence are the core team members of B&B. Our lawyers have consistently proven their matter and have been considered as the best advocates in Chandigarh by various individual clients, business clients, and web-ranking systems. The senior advocates of the firm are seasoned lawyers with over 37 years of law practice experience. They are sought for high-profile lawsuits and complex legal matters. Our lawyers stay committed to protecting the rights of our clients in face of the harshest of the challenges and deploy innovative, advanced, and thoughtful measures to bring relief where others can’t.

Pursuing vigorously on the course of justice, B&B takes up legal matters before the District and Sessions Court in Chandigarh, The Punjab & Haryana High Court, and the Supreme Court of India. B&B has an effective and specialized team of lawyers for DRT, NCLT, District Consumer Forum, Chandigarh, The Punjab State Consumer Commission, and The Haryana State Consumer Commission.

Expert Legal Services For NRI issues/ Disputes in Chandigarh

NRI Lawyers in Chandigarh

B&B makes litigation easy for its NRI (Non-Resident-Indian) clientele through its dedicated NRI Legal Wing and associate offices in the UK and Netherlands. B&B specializes in NRI Dispute Resolution and other legal services for NRI in Chandigarh. The NRI Legal Wing provides proactive litigation and legal services including:

  • NRI Property Transfer
  • NRI Property Fraud
  • NRI Divorce & settlement
  • NRI Child Custody/ Abduction
  • Criminal Trespass on NRI property
  • Partition Suits for NRI
  • Illegal Encroachment on NRI’s Property
  • Eviction on NRI’s property in India
  • NRI Identity Fraud Matters
  • NRI Succession and Disputes
  • Probate of WILL in favor or NRI
  • WILL Challenge on behalf of NRI

Law Firm in Chandigarh

A law firm is an association of lawyers where you can seek legal help in almost all kind of matters. B&B Associates LLP is an alliance of most accomplished lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh. We are a collaboration of proficient lawyers which are not only seasoned in their practice areas but are also admired for being supportive and transparent throughout the proceedings. The thing which makes us the top law firm in Chandigarh is exercising the best legal practices for the welfare of justice seekers.

Our impeccable legal services aim at reinstating and retaining the public faith in the judicial system. Because you cannot deny that most of the people restrain themselves to get into legal proceedings. Being the best law firm in Chandigarh, B&B Associates is renowned for distinguished lawyers, pellucid legal proceedings, and illustrious success rate. So whether it’s a criminal matter, civil matter, family matter, or any other, hiring our best lawyers, advocates, and legal advisors in Chandigarh will be a right recourse then. Our team of shrewd attorneys is adored for the following reasons:

  • Diligent, astute, and cognizant team.
  • Lawyers available for all legal matters.
  • Well practiced and quick-witted personnel.
  • Better efforts for timely results.
  • Supreme Court and Chandigarh High Court lawyers.
  • Senior advocates having experience of more than 37 years.

In addition, there are many more peculiarities you are going to encounter with the proficient and doyen team of lawyers of our esteemed law firm. So entrust your legal matter to any of our top lawyer in Chandigarh for desired legal help.

Lawyers in Chandigarh

Best Lawyers in Chandigarh

This is the age when clients do not hesitate or press for a hard bargain, but, they need the best services. When it comes to about law field people need the best lawyer in Chandigarh who is thoroughly honest and dependable. The lawyers at B&B Associates LLP are dependable and are trusted by thousands of litigants every year for honest, ethical, and transparent dealings.

Our lawyers have vast experience and are regarded among the best lawyers in Chandigarh. B&B Associates LLP has been ranked as #1 Law Firm in Chandigarh having Top Lawyers in Chandigarh by various listing websites and client reviews in the past many years. There are many reasons why our lawyers stand out as the best lawyers in Chandigarh:

  • Our team of proficient lawyers in Chandigarh maintain a culture of proficiency and transparency and dedicate their full-time to the firm and to their diligent legal practice.
  • Our clients are explained thoroughly about the legal processes and anomalies and are made acquainted with the necessary steps, procedures, and consequences. The client is empowered with knowledge so that they cannot be misguided. The rightful advice and recourse is a genuine concern and top priority of our seasoned lawyers in Chandigarh.
  • The lawyers of B&B fastens an undying service motive and do not give up on their cases.
  • We have extremely compassionate lawyers who reduce the stress level of our clients and ensure that the client does not enter into the wrong course of litigation. Taking the burden off the client’s shoulders is an important work of a good lawyer.
  • B&B Associates LLP is a law firm where misguided and stressed litigants come to find the right path to justice and get respite in their lost cases.
  • The lawyers appreciate the true meaning and value of service and do not impose their decisions on the clients. Our lawyers follow strict discipline and organizational protocols.
  • We patiently answer the questions of the client and thoroughly explain them the laws and the procedures applicable in India, and as they exist in Chandigarh. Our lawyers also suggest a complete course and remedy giving out the actual reasoning.
  • The senior advocates in Chandigarh High Court of the firm are easily approachable for the clients and help our clients understand the procedural anomalies of laws.
  • Our team of top lawyers in Chandigarh is an alliance of leading professionals who are highly modernistic and maintain corporate work ethics. They function in a disciplined manner and are extremely proactive towards client communication, our clients get a direct line to their lawyer in Chandigarh and are never ignored.
  • We offer a straightforward case-sensitive legal advice and do not create ambiguity or confusion. We rather solve any confusion which the client has. The lawyers of B&B offer honest advice, genuine evaluation, and passionate advocacy.
  • Our lawyers have a dedicated team of full-time researchers, analysts, and specially appointed staff at their disposal to effectively provide expert support in their cases and to keep our client updated of the latest in their case. A regular office cannot simply match the standards of functioning at B&B. Systematic functioning ensures that even when the firm has thousands of litigation matters to handle, there is not a single fall-out, and critical care is given to each case.
  • Our attorneys in the litigation sector aim at winning cases and the lawyers in the corporate sector focus on addressing the legal issues of the client effectively and secure their business interests. Therefore you can get the help of best corporate lawyers in Chandigarh.

Advocates in Chandigarh

Best Advocate in Chandigarh

People from all walks of life come to our best advocates in Chandigarh for honest advice and effective recourse. Our advocates are trusted for the quality of advice and the passion with which they practice laws. Our top advocates in Chandigarh for criminal, civil, matrimonial and service matters have an experience of over 37 years in the legal field and are distinguished highly sought professionals.

With the new age, people have come to realize that professionalism is important, especially, in the legal field. Legal matters cannot be compromised with, and best efforts must be led to secure justice. The advocate must maintain a high work ethic, provide rightful consultation, and passionately practice advocacy for the benefit of the client. An advocate is often the last resort and the savior; if the advocate is callous or incompetent, the fate of the client is already doomed.

B&B Associates LLP takes legal profession with a great deal of conscientiousness and has highly polished advocates in Chandigarh who are sought in matters where the stakes are high and the clients cannot take a blind chance or afford to lose. High-Stake matters are handled by the Firm’s renowned and illustrious Advocates of Chandigarh with utmost care and diligence. The team of top advocates in Chandigarh here knows the law and the system profoundly. Our lawyers not only offer the right advice but help the clients see through their various options and know about the consequences, thereby, helping them choose the right measures for redressal.

B&B Associates LLP has earned a great deal of reputation through word of mouth and commands a clientele who seek nothing but the best advocates in Chandigarh. Our proficient attorney’s team is performing their duties so as to safeguard the public faith on law and order. The senior advocates in Chandigarh High Court and Supreme Court of our law firm are having experience of 35+years. Supporting our clients at every step and thorough case research is making our law firm peerless.

Lawyers and Advocates in Chandigarh High Court

Lawyers in punjab and haryana highcourt

You cannot deny the fact that experience always matters. And specifically, when it comes to representing your legal matter in courts or tribunals, the experience is a fulcrum then. Here with B&B Associates LLP, you will be guided by the most seasoned attorneys for any legal help. The list of senior advocates in Chandigarh High Court and Supreme Court with us are working in the field from more than 37 years. And the whole of this journey shows an illustrious record of our team of lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh.

The palace of justice i.e., Punjab and Haryana High Court have digitized every information about the legal matters for much transparency. This is commonplace for the justice seekers of Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh. Our senior advocates have been representing every legal matter proficiently and eloquently in the High Court. Our team is diligent, doyen, and astute in the profession and are very smart with the words and research work. We enter the battlefield only after rigorous preparation to avoid lacking at any cost.

High moral principles and profound constitutional cognizance are accompanying our lawyers for the commendable work in the legal arena. The supportive and empathetic attitude is acting as an entrancing element for the clients. Therefore the impeccable legal services and laudable work by the lawyers and advocates in Chandigarh High Court is making us an acclaimed law firm in Chandigarh.



More than 1000 litigants and business clients bestow their trust on our top ranking advocates every year.

Pinoji Ashtanur – Ukraine

I approached B&B Associates as I was looking for the best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh for marriage registration. They provide very professional services and very nice lawyers.

Shobhit Narwal, Panipat

Won the Land Acquisition case in High Court under able guidance of Mr. Bhandari and B&B Associates LLP. Expert Advocates for property matters.


Mam is the the best person who has very intelligent solutions for all legal matters and do all possible efforts to help people get justice.

Vinod Aggarwal, Sonepat

B&B Associates LLP are the best advocates in Chandigarh for suspension of sentence.

Anubhav Gupta, Ambala

My dispute regarding commercial property got solved in very little time. All thanks to B&B Associates and their clear approach. Honestly, such great quality legal services in Chandigarh were beyond my expectations.

Vikramadiya Kumar, Kaithal

I am very thankful to B&B Associates LLP for handling my job case very well. Best advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh for service Disputes.


Region of Law Practice

The law-firm takes up matters at the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Punjab & Haryana, the District and Session Courts at Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Dehradun, Noida & Faridabad. Our expert legal services and finest Lawyers & Advocates are also sought for outstation matters – within India and abroad.

Work Ethic and Culture

Running in the third-generation of legal practice, a strong work ethic, and culture is underpinned to the foundation of the firm. Accountability, Diligence, and Goal Orientation being the prime virtues.

The firm benefits from its well-preserved heirloom of legal techniques and fosters an environment of constant research and learning. Along with a team of highly experienced lawyers in Chandigarh, B&B is a home to some of the best advocates in Chandigarh. We have the finest of the law researchers, scholars, analysts, and activists who fasten an exemplary devotion towards laws and justice. To keep ourselves updated, the members of B&B Associates LLP are frequent attendees to national and international conferences, seminars and workshops, and are regularly invited by reputed international forums as guest speakers.

What is the Right Approach in Legal Matters?

Like medical matters, legal matters are not to be delayed. The biggest loss people suffer in their legal disputes, arise out of their inability to take the right step at the right time. Taking expert professional help from a good lawyer can help you strengthen your case, provide a correct perspective, and give a rightful approach towards securing your interest.

Don’t sleep over your legal issues. Act promptly. Choose your lawyer wisely.

Benefits of Hiring our Best Lawyers in Chandigarh

Hiring the best advocate in Chandigarh for your lawsuit can prove substantially beneficial in the result of your case, besides, it can help save a lot of time and expense that can go waste in taking a wrong/ misguided route of litigation. Our highly experienced and learned lawyers in Chandigarh are extremely diligent in handling legal matters with great zeal, passion, and dedication towards laws and justice. For a client, the most important aspect is to find a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of legal procedure and sharp acumen to prefer the right approach in a lawsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions


There is no specific answer to this question, but, when you feel that a dispute has escalated beyond your reasonable ability of finding an amicable solution, you should certainly consult a lawyer. Sooner works better because even when the dispute has gone beyond your scope of resolution, an expert might still be in a position to mediate and save the parties from an essential waste of time and money in litigation.


Again the question in itself is vague and any answer to it is subjective. One must consider that there are at least fifty specialized field and each one of these need appreciation, practice and learning. Also, a pasisonate professional’s skillset is added with time, dedication and diligence. More you read, more you become – stands true for lawyers. While every law firm has their own best advocates for various roles, example one advocate can be their best for drafting, while the other can be their best for the arguments. Still, it would be extremely imporper to say that there is one best advocate in Chandigarh. Analysing this question prudently and approaching an answer objectively can bring much better a relief. It actually entails many factors to be the best advocate in Chandigarh. An advocate who is well read, has good knowledge of concerned laws, is equipped with good staff, is diligent and passionate, acts responsibly and spends considerable time with the case, and most importantly belives in goodness and honesty, can turn out to be the best advocate for you in Chandigarh.


It totally depends on how important is the victory. Many people find hiring the best advocate in Chandigarh as way more expensive than hiring a novice or a rookie lawyer. However when the stakes are high and the result of the case is likely to affect the life drastically, then hiring the best lawyers in Chandigarh regardless of the expense and giving it your best shot is the wise thing to do. There are situations and times where one cannot compromise on the quality and efficacy. That is when and why people prefer our best advocates in Chandigarh. However, in matters where a deep understanding or skill of an expert is not required and the stakes are not too high, then one should go for an advocate/ lawyer within the budget. The quality of the legal services rendered in a matter does make a difference in the result of a case. A callously/ improperly conducted litigation and a diligently carried one show very different on the judgment day. Legal field is one where quality and accuracy of the practitioner matters just as much as in the healthcare field.


First of all, one must know that not all legal procedure consume equal time. Some can be brief while some may last for years together. There are various factors at play, while some are in the hands of the litigants and their counsels, there are many which are beyond anyone’s scope and control. Let’s consider them. Factors beyond control:

  • Courts are overburdened with work.
  • The opposite party does not take notice/ appear, or, acts vicious with a purpose to cause the delay.
  • The opposite counsel requests for repeated adjournments.
  • The court work gets suspended on account of strike/ condolence/ vacation/ leave etc.
  • Delay by the investigating agency/ 3rd party investigators/ forensic in producing the evidence/ report/ result/ findings.

Factors within control:

  • Your counsel refutes the unjustified delay in the court process caused by the opposite party/ counsel.
  • Your counsel/ advocate/ lawyer is capable enough to proactively take up your cause, adopts the right recourse and procedure, and, remains well oriented with the case facts to accomplish the most on each date.
  • Your case is prepared within a stipulated time-frame and all the evidence/ relevant documents are compiled along.


A criminal matter should be reported without any delay.

Crimes in India are classified as cognizable and non-cognizable. Simply put, cognizable are the serious crimes in which police can arrest without a warrant and register an FIR on its own accord. While, non-cognizable are the ones in which the police has to seek an order from the magistrate to investigate or to arrest.

As and when a person gets the information that a crime is being/has been committed, it becomes an imperative upon that person to report it to the police immediately so that the investigation can  take place, especially, where it concerns a crime scene.

In any case, be the offense triable only by the magistrate, or by the police, before reporting the matter, a person should not temper with the evidence and/or try to conceal any fact/ material related to the case. In case the person finds himself/ herself in a complicated/ complex/ hard to explain situation, they should call a trustworthy criminal lawyer for a valuable advice


Lies do get exposed, sooner or later. The first thing to remember is to avoid overthinking and getting under excessive mental pressure which causes a state of panic. Most of the people who get falsely embroiled are because they get panicky and confused about the state affairs, it renders them choked and helpless. With the failing of a reasonable mental capacity (which is necessary to solve the situation), they get vulnerable to be misguided and misled into wrongful recourses. If you find yourself being embroiled viciously, do approach the best lawyer in Chandigarh and take a detailed consultation to explore your recourses.



What makes all the difference is actually how a legal matter is approached and how systematically and logically it is conducted. B&B is known for winning such lawsuits where there is little or no hope. Such matters are taken up as a challenge and our lawyers work in teams to revisit every minute detail in order to explore the merits. Every law point is thoroughly analyzed by a dedicated team of researches and then ae tested by our highly experienced Advocates in Chandigarh who are champions in the field, especially, in appellate and Constitutional Litigation in the High Court of Punjab & Haryana. At B&B it is ensured via mock trials that there is no room left for errors. Our counsels deeply invest themselves in their lawsuits in order to protect the rights and interest of the clients and ensure that at any point no litigant is misled or misguided. The ultimate difference is in the values that B&B upholds and the virtues it tends to protect.


Definitely! Mock-trial is the best way of troubleshooting and testing a lawsuit for its merit before even taking it to the court. It helps in improving and preparing for the odds. As a leading law firm in Chandigarh, we specialize in litigation practice and run an in-house mock trial for each lawsuit where every aspect is exhaustively debated and tested for its merit. Our objective in each one of our lawsuit is to remove any iota of doubt and this is best achieved by eliminating the possibility of missing out on something crucial. Our clients are invited to witness mock trials and their opinion and inputs are sufficiently cared for.


Extensive research, focused dedication, and objective orientation are embedded in our work culture which makes us a reliable law firm in Chandigarh for complex legal matters. Our counsels ensure that every law point is properly pleaded for its merit. The Senior Advocates of the firm have at least 5 sufficiently expert and well-read junior counsels at their constant disposal. It enables a broadened approach and brings unmatched quality to every aspect of litigation. Be it research, analysis, drafting, procedural compliance, argument preparation, delivery or client communication, the staff is trained to deliver with perfection. Besides, we strongly deject stereotype or copy paste litigation and ensure that our clients get the best possible recourse that leads to the rightful relief.


Law practice is a serious profession and it allows no room for callousness, casualness, and procrastination. One mistake or negligence can cause irreparable damage to the client. B&B Associates LLP is relied on by many clients for the consistent quality of legal services which is achieved by high levels of diligence in our approach. B&B upholds a highly professional work culture and our lawyers are sincere and ethical professionals who live up to their reputation by dedicating ample time and concern in service of their legal profession. Since its inception, B&B has had a motto of making a difference and we have constantly been achieving it by helping thousands of litigants get timely justice. With an experience of three generations into law practice, the lawsuits at B&B are handled in a pragmatic and proactive manner. We implement strict protocols of reporting to every case. Our clients are kept aware of every stage and development in their matter and the lawyers work hand in hand with the clients to safeguard their interest. Best of all, you’ll never find a B&B client complaint that their lawyer is not picking up their calls. B&B is a law firm which sets the benchmark.


Definitely yes. Nothing comes on priority than securing our client’s interest which we have sworn to protect. We make sure that our senior and reputed lawyers in Chandigarh personally appear before the courts and present arguments. Valuing our own reputation as a top law firm in Chandigarh we ensure that no task at B&B is delegated to in-experienced counsels. The counsels of B&B are prepared in advance and they ensure that every issue is properly pleaded. Besides, sincere efforts are led to maintain trust, transparency, and loyalty with all our clients.


We do not entertain all clients. Although we do not differentiate between class, caste, race or creed, yet, we reserve our rights in accepting lawsuits/ cases and entertaining consultation requests and clients. We do not support or promote false or fictitious litigation, unfair means of practice, arm-twisting tactics, or, stereotype litigation. We are a service and client-centric law firm in Chandigarh which has served thousands of litigants and showed them to justice. We believe in approaching the law for the purpose of good and right, because, the words – ‘good’ and ‘right’ matter to us!


#588, Sector 6, Panchkula
Haryana, 134109


#624 Sector 16-D
Chandigarh, 160015


#52, Swastik Vihar-II MDC,
Sector 5, Panchkula, 134114