B&B Associates LLP is an all service Law Firm committed to the well-being of laws and society. The Firm fastens an exemplary service motive with an aim to provide efficient legal solutions through its team of chosen best advocates in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad & Dehradun. B&B Associates LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership Law Firm registered with The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India.

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From daily updates on the coded laws to popular media wave to scenario changing judgments from courts to the infamous international agreement signed last night and a night before – to the new claims arising in the neighborhood and the one next to it – and a possible relief in every such situation; a lawyer must receive, analyze and understand all inputs from the society as it forms, reforms and transforms itself, especially all aspects of human dealings, for they never are isolated – from the principles of right and wrong; and therefore from – morality, ethics and Laws. An advocate shall work to aid the Courts which constantly evolve with laws, therefore, a lawyer too must. At B&B Associates LLP, enough emphasis is laid to keep sharpening the acumen, honing the skills, improving the methods and evolving with new. Ultimately, the expertise is about ensuring the best case specific relief for the client in an efficiently managed, back-casted timeline. The Best Advocates are the ones well-informed; who practice laws objectively, possess the ability to conduct an in-depth inquiry, and analyze logically as to what the cause of justice demands. B&B Stands against “might is right” and comes to the rescue of those who suffer at the hands of the corrupt and the vile. B&B vigorously pursues the course of justice in both practice and innovation and is determined to lead to the world where justice is not luxury and can be reached well in time. Teams at B&B are oriented to continuously research and innovate in the field of law.


Way back in 1965, the visionary mind of Lt. Sh. M.C. Bhandari aspired to structure a law firm that brings in two vital factors to legal profession – accountability and excellence. He shared his ideas with his son, who upon graduating from Delhi University, Faculty of Law, in 1980, embarked upon a journey of actualizing his father’s dream. In the coming years, the father-son duo, practiced laws with exemplary service motive and earned a reputation amongst a vast national, international and corporate clientele. During this journey, methods kept getting refined and B&B emerged as a full-service law firm confirming to a highly productive culture deck. Running in the third generation of law practice, the firm today benefits from the heirloom of its well-preserved and evolved legal techniques. The lives B&B has touched, the relief it has brought, and the values it upholds, are a reminiscence of its founder’s dream.


The patrons of the firm are renowned professionals in the field of law. Mr. Mohit Bhandari, Mrs. Savita Bhandari & Mrs. Anju Bhattacharya have been practicing laws for over 37 years. Through this journey of time, and umpteen successful dealings, the members have garnered an otherwise rare acumen. The firm benefits from the matured experience of our senior members and fosters an environment of constant research, learning & growth. Systematic & careful induction under the able guidance of our senior members helps secure a dedicated, self-motivated, and diligent workforce.


B&B Associates LLP has its Head Office at SCO 45-46, Sector 11, Panchkula. The law firm has office establishments at Chandigarh, Dehradun, Noida, Faridabad, and M.D.C. Panchkula. Support offices of the law firm are conducting in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. International Associate offices are located in U.K. & Netherlands.


For the exemplary service-motive and efficacy, B&B is sought by an elite business clientele for some of the most exigent legal matters. The law firm specializes in finding efficient, practical, and business-friendly solutions for its clients. We pride ourselves in fetching the best case specific relief. We have served government and public bodies, National & International Enterprises, Societies, NGOs, MNCs, financial institutions & Banks, Telecom, IT & Industrial Giants, NRIs & private individuals.