Advertising & Media Lawyers in Chandigarh

  • In this age and pace of Mass Media, there is a need to have structured and codified Advertising & Media Law. In India, like other countries, there is a steep increase in media platforms. And subsequently, the issue pertaining to those media platforms. These issues can include Right to privacy, Net Neutrality, Fake Advertisements, Regulatory Standards etc. In case, you have are confronting any of such issue, you can hire the best advertising and media lawyers in Chandigarh to resolve that.

    Advertising and Media Lawyers Lawyers in Chandigarh

    At a much earlier stage, media used to be in total control of the government but with the advent of the Globalisation, the change is remarkable. Today, freedom of speech and expression is fought for and celebrated by the media houses. Media Advertising & Media has been playing a major role in questioning the social and political arrangements. Most probably it acts as a watch-dog, a whistle-blower.

    However, to ensure a non-biased and true representation of facts, media houses themselves require a watch-dog. And hence, Advertising & Media Law. We, at B&B Associates, are a team of renowned lawyers for Advertising & Media Matters in Chandigarh.

    Highly Conversant Advertising & Media Lawyers in Chandigarh

    There are various laws guiding the print media and few of them are The Newspaper (Prices and Pages) Act, 1956, Defence of India Act, 1962, Press Council Act, 1978 Civil Defence Act, 1968, etc. These laws basically give power to the government to censor the final object that may be prejudicial to defence and civil defence, prescribe changes, regulate media houses, approve size/pages of newspapers. The government has been using these statues, sometimes to misuse their power, seeking political benefits out of it.

    The Apex court, in the case of the Secretary, Ministry of I&B v. CAB removed the monopoly of the government from broadcast media. The Broadcasting Code, adopted by the Fourth Asian Broadcasting Conference in 1962 listed certain principles that need to be followed by Electronic Media which is very important to the broadcasting laws. Therefore if you are about to hire the best advertising and media advocates in Chandigarh, he/she needs to have a thorough knowledge regarding the laws.

    The right advice and effective recourse is the key to success in an advertising & media matter. Consult our top advertising & media lawyers and best advertising & media law advocates now:

    Know-how of Free Speech and Film Censorship is a Prerogative for Best Lawyers for Advertising & Media Matters:-

    India is the largest film producing nation all over the world with feature films ranging from different languages. For the purpose of the Film industry, there is The Cinematographic Act, 1962 which regulates the process of censorship and certification for films. In K.A. Abbas case, Apex court recognized the need to discuss the constitutional protection of free speech in Media for the first time. The subsequent conclusion was that a professional self-regulatory body was the need of the hour for the valid exercise of power in the interest of public morality and decency.

    Know-how of Advertising Laws for Best Lawyers for Advertising & Media Matters:-

    Advertisement is a symbiosis of art and facts which needs to be ethical and ought not to mislead the audience. Hence, inspired by advertising Authorities of different countries in the world. India has also formed the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) to protect the customers and audience. In order to address disputes arising in advertisement and media, individuals and business houses need the support of well-established and experienced advertising and media lawyers.

    Having solved many cases in the past and continuing to do so, best lawyers for Advertising & Media Matters in Chandigarh have rich and varied experience and knowledge of laws related to the field. There is a distinct solution for each case depending upon the unique aspects of that particular case. Best lawyers for Advertising & Media Matters in Chandigarh are dedicated to find such distinct solutions and to work on each and every case meticulously and passionately to achieve what the client desires.

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