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Scheduled Tribe Members Migrating to Another StateUT Cannot Claim ST Status if Tribe Is Not Recognized as ST in that State UT
Supreme Court Rules Apple Not Obligated to Trace Stolen iPhone via Unique Identity Number
Supreme Court Urges Caution Bail Grants in NDPS Cases Should Be Prudent, Especially in Instances of Large Narcotics Recoveries
Indian Naval Officers Released in Qatar A Triumph of Diplomacy
Action Taken Report on IBC, 2024 A Comprehensive Review
Supreme Court Doctor’s Imprisonment Overturned for Non-Disclosure of Manufacturer, Fines Imposed Instead as Medicines Were Not for Sale
Supreme Court High Court Can't Reassess Evidence if Trial Court's Acquittal Reasonable
P&H High Court Criticizes Unfair Actions Panchayat’s Arbitrary Demolition Sparks Anger
Judicial Promotion SC Backs 50% Mark Rule by P&H HC
Bombay High Court Upholds Reproductive Health as Personal Liberty
Legal Limbo Supreme Court Redirects Biometric Law Challenge to High Court