Ambika Katoch

  • Advocate Punjab and Haryana High Court
  • Expert Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Advocate in Chandigarh
  • Expertise in Patent, Design, Copyright & Trademark – Registration/ Litigation


Ms. Katoch is a distinguished IPR expert who has completed her Bachelors in Law and Arts from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Having completed her undergraduate course, Ms. Katoch then went to Mumbai, to study her Masters in Law, with a specialization in Intellectual Property Law. Since college, she developed a keen interest in the intricacies of Intellectual Property Rights and decided to pursue the course vigorously. Undoubtedly she has come out to be an expert in the Laws relating to Intellectual Property Rights.

Ms. Katoch is also a scholar in the field of IPR and has completed courses from the WIPO (the international authority regulating the law in the field of IPR). In her quest for further domination of the field, she has also presented her dissertation on design law and its application to the Fashion Industry. Having had expertise in the field, Ms. Katoch enabled herself to deal with the challenges of the fashion world related to securing the exclusivity of design. Design plays a major role in the Fashion industry, Ms. Ambika is sought by some of the leading designer houses with their IPR concerns.

As a soft-spoken veteran of many discussions on IPR, Ms. Katoch through her combination of widespread knowledge and innate academic acumen, aims to provide innovators and designers the understanding that their ideas are protected and to assist them in their endeavor to continue to reap the profits of their efforts.

Ambika Katoch, best advocate for IPR in Chandigarh

Ambika Katoch | Advocate Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) | Patent Lawyer, Chandigarh
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