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Attendance in Criminal Cases ...

Is attendance of an accused mandatory in a criminal case? A very vital aspect in every criminal case is that; All the proceedings are supposed to be conducted in presence of the accused. This fundamental principle, on one hand, assures accused of a reasonable trial, but on the other, bounds him down to be personally […]

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Domestic Violence Cases ...

Baker v. The City of New York Sandra baker was alienated from her husband. In 1995 the protective orders issued against him – not to molest, threaten or annoy his wife. Once the wife called the police to take action against her husband who was creating disturbance at the home. When the police arrived at […]

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Criminal Breach of Trust – Section 405 IPC ...

What Is Criminal Breach Of Trust – Section 405 IPC The offence of Criminal Breach of Trust – section 405 IPC is similar to the offence of embezzlement under the English law. A reading of the section suggests that the gist of the offence of criminal breach of trust is ‘dishonest misappropriation’ or ‘conversion to […]

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