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Promotion ...

OVERVIEW: In layman’s language promotion means a step forward. Promotion under the ambit of service law means advancement in the position of the employee in the same organization. It is a common human trait that a person always wants higher pay scale, more responsibility and a better position at organizational level. All this can be […]

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Employees Provident Fund Under Labour Law
Employees Provident Fund Under Labour Law ...

Overview Laws regarding Employees Provident Fund in India are governed and controlled by the Employees Provident Fund Act, 1952. It is an Act or legislation enacted for the protection of the rights of the working class. EPF Act is applicable to firms or establishments which employ more than 20 persons at a time in the […]

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REGULARIZING AD HOC APPOINTMENTS – From the perspective of some of the best Advocates for Service Matters in Chandigarh The ad hoc employees basically stand at the lowest grade as against a permanent, quasi-permanent and temporary employee. It has been held that an ad hoc employee does not get the right to hold the post […]

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