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Accident by Unlicensed Driver
Accident by Unlicensed Driver ...

A person in India cannot drive a motor vehicle without an appropriate driving license. A person is licensed to drive a motor vehicle when he obtains the license by the due process of law. Anybody driving a vehicle which he is not licensed to drive will be held liable. Categories of License MC 50CC (Motorcycle […]

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Computation of Compensation
Computation of Compensation ...

ASSESSMENT OF COMPENSATION The courts can only grant compensation for the pecuniary and monetary loss caused and some other expenses, but no court can even attempt to grant compensation for loss of life or limb. Mainly pecuniary loss has to be assessed. The long expectation of life is connected to the earning capacity of the […]

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Case Laws on Computation of Compensation in MACT Cases
Case Laws on Computation of Compensation in MACT Cases ...

We have already discussed the types of damages, MACT Claim and the method of computation of compensation in MACT cases in our articles Computation of Compensation, MACT Claim and Compensation in MACT Cases respectively. In this article, we shall be discussing the case laws related to the MACT cases. Major Case Laws 1. Sarla Verma & Others vs Delhi Transport […]

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