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Accident by Unlicensed Driver

Accident by Unlicensed Driver ...

A person in India cannot drive a motor vehicle without an appropriate driving license. A person is licensed to drive a motor vehicle when he obtains the license by the due process of law. Anybody driving a vehicle which he is not licensed to drive will be held liable. Categories of License MC 50CC (Motorcycle […]

Fundamental Elements of an Insurance Contract in India

Fundamental Elements of an Insurance Contract in India ...

Insurance, like any other contract, is an agreement enforceable by law. In any insurance contract in India, two parties, typically the insurer and the insured, bind one another to a set of promises. Wherein, in expressed terms, the insurer promises to indemnify the insured in an event of a loss. On the other hand, the insured […]

MACT Claims

MACT Claims ...

Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT)  deals with matters related to compensation of motor accidents victims or their next of kin. The Tribunal deals with claims relating to loss of life/property and injury cases resulting from Motor Accidents. Who can apply for compensation? The person who suffered the injury The owner of the property All or any of […]