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Rights and Liabilities of Religious Institutions ...

Rights & Liabilities of Religious Institutions in Art 26 of the Indian Constitution It may be noted that while Art 25 i.e right to freedom of religion is available to all persons, Art 26 is confined to religious denomination or institution only and provides for the Rights & Liabilities of Religious Institutions. Overview of Rights & […]

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Emergency Provisions ...

Emergency refers to a situation in which the powers of governance come in hands of president. It refers to the governance as proclaimed by the president under an altered constitutional set up. Indian Constitution consists of provisions for emergency in its part eighteen. The Constitution of India empowers the President to impose emergency in any […]

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Right To Marry and Protection by High Courts
Right To Marry and Protection by High Courts ...

Overview: Though marriage is a personal decision of two adult consenting parties, often this is not the case. Many times such couples find themselves at the crossroads and are pressured into their families’ demands or succumb to honour killings. In such cases, it becomes more than necessary to protect such couples with the help of […]

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