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Employees Provident Fund Under Labour Law

Employees Provident Fund Under Labour Law

Overview Laws regarding Employees Provident Fund in India are governed and controlled by the Employees Provident Fund Act, 1952. It is an Act or legislation enacted for the protection of the rights of the working class. EPF Act is applicable to firms or establishments which employ more than 20 persons at a time in the […]


Tribunal can be defined as an individual or an institution which has authority to judge and to order. Tribunals are not ordinary courts, these tribunals have jurisdiction over very specific matters or can be stated as that they deal with specific matters only. Judgement of tribunals is as effected as the judgement given by ordinary […]

Emergency Provisions

Emergency refers to a situation in which the powers of governance come in hands of president. It refers to the governance as proclaimed by the president under an altered constitutional set up. Indian Constitution consists of provisions for emergency in its part eighteen. The Constitution of India empowers the President to impose emergency in any […]