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Legal Proformas

Legal Proformas ...

Computation of Compensation

Computation of Compensation ...

ASSESSMENT OF COMPENSATION The courts can only grant compensation for the pecuniary and monetary loss caused and some other expenses, but no court can even attempt to grant compensation for loss of life or limb. Mainly pecuniary loss has to be assessed. The long expectation of life is connected to the earning capacity of the […]

Mediation In Cases of Cruelty Under 498A of IPC

Mediation In Cases of Cruelty Under 498A of IPC ...

Overview Mediation is a type of dispute resolution recognised as a full-fledged proceeding under Alternative Dispute Resolution. It is one of the processes of settlement where parties commonly discuss their common problem on the common ground and come to the remedy through interactive discussion. Generally, mediation is done by the mediation Centre on the direction […]