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THE REQUIREMENTS OF FILING CRIMINAL LIABILITY OF A PERSON FOR CAUSING DEATH BY NEGLIGENCE UNDER SECTION 304A OF INDIAN PENAL CODE IPC – 1860 Initially, the penal Code had no provision for punishment in cases where person caused death of another by negligence. Thus Section 304-A was inserted by the lndian penal Code (Amendment) Act […]

Criminal Trespass

Criminal Trespass As Under Indian Penal Code Section 441 to 462 IPC A. Indian penal code deals with the offence of criminal trespass in 22 sections, commencing from sections 441 to 462. Trespass in common language means to go on another’s property without his permission express or implied or right. Trespass is ordinarily a civil […]

Register a Court Marriage Under The Special Marriage Act, 1954

The registration of a marriage is an intrinsic formality necessary by law. In this post we make an indepth review of the formalities and procedure to Register a Marriage Under The Special Marriage Act, 1954       Contents   1  Laws relating marriage in India   2  The Special Marriage Act, 1954   3  […]