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Criminal Misappropriation

Section 403 of IPC defines and prescribes punishment for criminal misappropriation. It applies in the cases wherein the possession of property has been innocently acquired but from subsequent intention or knowledge, the retention becomes wrongful, then it amounts to criminal misappropriation. Section 403 Indian Penal Code (IPC) Reads as follows: Whoever dishonestly misappropriates or converts […]

Unlawful Assembly

India is a land of rights, a land of freedoms; the country with the lengthiest and the bulkiest constitution. Fundamental rights here are considered as a basic structure of constitution and essence of freedom. Constitution of India gives rights to its citizen for peaceful assembly, under article 19 freedom of assembly is guaranteed with also […]



Overview When a person commits a crime in one country and flees to another country, then it does not mean that he would not be punished for the crime committed by him just because he is not in the jurisdiction of the territory where the crime is committed. In such cases, extradition law applies. So […]