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Medical Evidence Admissibility

Medical Evidence Admissibility ...

Overview: Medical evidence is used by investigating agencies to prove the guilt of the accused. Also, the medical Evidence is used by the accused to put his defense to get rid of the case against him if there is an inconsistency to such an extent that an oral evidence does not meet out the requirement […]

What makes a Good Lawyer?

What makes a Good Lawyer? ...

Have you ever wondered about the characteristics one needs to possess to be called a good lawyer? If yes, then check out the following list to see if you fit the bill: 1.Good communication skills “The lawyer’s truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency.” -Henry David Thoreau An excellent oratory skill is […]

Best Criminal Lawyers

Best Criminal Lawyers ...

CRIMINAL LAW PRACTICE: as approached by the best criminal lawyers! – compiled by the firm’s top criminal lawyers in Chandigarh. To understand criminal law, one must first understand what crime is. Strange enough, there is no universal definition of ‘crime’. In fact, a crime in one city, state or nation, may not be so in another. […]