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Right to Private Defence

Overview Private defense means protecting or defending yourself or another person who may or may not be stranger by using force which, if, had been used otherwise, would have resulted in an illegal act. The force can also be used for the protection of property and even to prevent a crime from happening. Such force […]

Rioting and Affray

Rioting and Affray- offences against public peace and tranquility This article draws the comparison between the offences contained in chapter VIII of IPC. For further clarity on any point, you may write to our top lawyers in tricity.  The offences against the public tranquility are included in Chapter VIII of IPC. A. Affray An Affray […]


Against the personal choices and beliefs, there have been some restrictions which have followed to the modern society of today came with the advent of marriage institution. Which meant union of man and woman to the exclusion of all others. This was taken in more serious sense qua women and therefore a wife to someone […]