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Crime of Human Trafficking in India

Crime of Human Trafficking in India

The crime of Human trafficking means the practice of illegal transportation of people from one area or country to another. It is mostly done with a motive of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Undoubtedly, it is a devastating crime. It uproots the human society from its fundamental values. It is a form of modern slavery. […]

Right to Private Defence

Overview Private defense means protecting or defending yourself or another person who may or may not be stranger by using force which, if, had been used otherwise, would have resulted in an illegal act. The force can also be used for the protection of property and even to prevent a crime from happening. Such force […]

General Defences 1

General Defences Daily life of an ordinary Indian is full of hassle and rush, in fulfilling these duties many a times torts are committed unknowingly or knowingly. To protect the defendant from full responsibility of the act there are several defences available to them as provided by law, these defences are in context with the […]