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Misuse of Section 498 A IPC: An analysis
Misuse of Section 498 A IPC: An analysis ...

Overview: It is undeniable that laws like Dowry Prohibition Act, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, Section 498A of IPC etc. are necessary for a societal setup like that of India where violence against women is skyrocketing. However; the mis-employment and misuse of such laws in the hands of women have also become very […]

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Rape ...

Our Best Criminal Advocates in Chandigarh for Rape Cases (Section 375/ 376/ 376A, IPC) have been dedicating their sweat and blood to help Rape victims meet justice. At the same time, we have our Best Advocates in Chandigarh who leave no stone unturned in defending innocent men falsely implicated in Rape cases – maliciously and […]

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Crime committed by minor | Juvenile Justice Act ...

Overview A person who has not attained the statutory age of majority i.e., 18 years of age is treated as a Juvenile in Indian legal system. In common usage, they are known as minors. Any crime committed by minor falls within the purview of Juvenile Justice Act. The purpose of this act is to bring […]

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