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Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) ...

Public-Private Partnership is a contract based partnership vehicle between the public sector and a private entity. The government bodies in order to procure and implement public infrastructure and projects seek private sector assistance as they require their resources and expertise. Private input in these public-private partnerships for infrastructure projects can be wide-ranging. Transaction advisory is […]

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Infrastructure laws on Roads and Power
Infrastructure laws on Roads and Power ...

Roads and Power sectors are crucial to the economic growth of India. The separate regulatory bodies govern these two sectors which in turn ensures the smooth functioning of these and paves the way for development and private investment.

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Infrastructure laws on Naval Ports and Airports
Infrastructure laws on Naval Ports and Airports ...

The infrastructure sector consists of various sectors. Each sector has its own governing Statue and as such does not bear any harmonisation with the regulations pertaining to other sector. Under these Statutes the private developers are provided with the modes and means to participate by granting them the licenses. In some cases contractual relationship between the private developer and the government is established for the development of a particular infrastructure project.

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