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Molestation ...

Sexually assaulting someone and abusing them is called molestation. Molestation is a gender-specific crime and is considered as an offence against women. When a person uses criminal force or assaults a woman with the intention to outrage or with the knowledge that his conduct is likely to outrage her modesty, he is said to commit […]

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Voyeurism ...

Section 354 C deals with the offence of Voyeurism which means being happy or deriving pleasure simply by seeing a scene.. Voyeurism means derivation of sexual satisfaction by watching people secretly. If a man watches a woman engaged private activities, he has committed the offence of voyeurism. EXISTING PROVISION There is no specific offence under […]

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Recent Laws on Dowry & 498-A cases in India ...

Dowry is a prevalent practice (social evil), wherein a brides family pays her in-laws an exorbitant amount of money before during or after her marriage. A rampant social and economic evil, it was declared illegal via the provisions of the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, and yet it is widely practised to this date.     […]

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