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Criminal Trespass ...

Criminal Trespass As Under Indian Penal Code Section 441 to 462 IPC A. Indian penal code deals with the offence of criminal trespass in 22 sections, commencing from sections 441 to 462. Trespass in common language means to go on another’s property without his permission express or implied or right. Trespass is ordinarily a civil […]

White-Collar Crimes in India: A Legal Perspective

White-Collar Crimes in India: A Legal Perspective ...

It must be noted that in India several cases of defrauding the banks have been coming in light. To keep a check and tackle the economic offenders who have taken the shelter in foreign nations, the Central Investigation Bureau (CBI) has formed an “Economic Intelligence Wing”.

Voyeurism ...

Section 354 C deals with the offence of Voyeurism which means being happy or deriving pleasure simply by seeing a scene.. Voyeurism means derivation of sexual satisfaction by watching people secretly. If a man watches a woman engaged private activities, he has committed the offence of voyeurism. EXISTING PROVISION There is no specific offence under […]