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Best Advocate for Non Resident Indian (NRI) Cases in Chandigarh ...

What can the best advocate for Non Resident Indian (NRI) Cases in Chandigarh do for you? To be among the Top Advocates of Chandigarh or be known as Best Advocates in Chandigarh, winning a series of complicated cases is just as much required as utter honesty, sense of responsibility, hard-work, empathy and most importantly dedication […]

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Regular Second Appeal ...

Introduction Generally an appeal is filed to a superior court when a party is not happy with the decision of the lower court which can be done by both the parties. It is the first appeal which can be filed on the basis of both on question of fact like the witness has not been […]

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Suit for Damages
Suit for Damages ...

Introduction Whenever a party suffers any injury or loss as a result of any breach of contract, he may claim damages for the loss or injury suffered by him as a result of that act. The major principle forming the base of this scheme is to provide compensation and not punishment. Objective The approach adopted […]

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