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Designs – FAQs

Design is a very new form of IPR which has been recognised under the Designs Act, 2000. It is still in a nascent stage of development. Thus there are a lot of questions that arise out of its application. In this post we answer a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions on Designs. 1. […]

WAQF Board

When a muslim person under religious faith and for benefit of society donates his property in name of Allah it is called Waqf. Literal meaning of waqf is detention. Thus it means that ownership of the dedicated property is taken from the person and detained by Allah. Waqif is the person who dedicates his property […]

Digitization of Copyright Registry

Digitization of Copyright Registry

In a digital world, the Indian government is on a constant move to deliver on its promise of a Digital India. One of its new initiatives is the digitization of the Copyrights records in the copyright registry. Digitization in the copyright world has started after the public notice by the Copyright Office dated August 31, […]