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Agriculture and IPR in India
Agriculture and IPR in India ...

IPR VIS-A-VIS Agriculture Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as a legal fiction of considering an intangible asset as property by the State has originally developed in Europe, USA, Japan etc. Now, India is also on the verge of gaining intellectual sophistication, and this concept of IPR is transitioning into economic and social gains (1). Such intellectual […]

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Patents – What is a Patent?
Patents – What is a Patent? ...

What is a Patent? And how does it protect your rights? In this article, we set out the basic meaning of patent under Indian Law, and the essential facets and advantages of having a patent for your invention. A patent is derived from the Latin word “Patere”, which means “to lay open” (to make it […]

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Designs – FAQs ...

Design is a very new form of IPR which has been recognised under the Designs Act, 2000. It is still in a nascent stage of development. Thus there are a lot of questions that arise out of its application. In this post we answer a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions on Designs. 1. […]

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