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Copyright laws v/s Parody

Copyright laws v/s Parody ...

Introduction Copyright is the legal right conferred upon the owner of intellectual property. Copyright grants an exclusive right to the original creators to further develop them for a given amount of time. Copyright laws ensure that the artist’s best interest is protected and provides a safeguard towards his work from piracy. It shields the creator’s expression of ideas. […]

Lal Dora Areas ...

Things you need to know about Lal Dora Areas (Here Reference is made of the Union Territory Delhi) OVERVIEW In 1908, the term “LAL DORA” was firstly used in the context of village land. Lal Dora is a name given to a part of village land which is also a part of village “Abadi”. In […]

Is downloading via torrent illegal in India?

Is downloading via torrent illegal in India? ...

– This question has highlighted the senses of the IP world, sometimes confusing even the top advocates for Intellectual Property Matters! Well, downloading a content from torrent is not totally illegal unless that content is a copyrighted or DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected, which in turn will lead to piracy. Torrents are not unlawful per […]