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Examination meeting by MCA – ‘Grey Area’ in the Companies Act. ...

– for clarification and further information on the subject, you may write to our top corporate law advocates in Chandigarh. In September MCA had canceled registrations of defaulting companies (over 2 Lakh) and also debarred over 3 Lakh directors of companies. Such an action was taken under the provisions for deregistering companies that had failed […]

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Franchise Law in India ...

Franchise Law in India Franchising is a process in which franchisor expands its unique business, by giving another person (franchisee) the right to use established business model in some other location in the country for a definite period of time in consideration of some fees. It is a special kind of licensing agreement where the […]

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Competition Laws in India ...

OVERVIEW For an efficient business environment, free and fair competition is one of the basic pillars. In competition, there is a business rivalry between the competitors to attract customers. In today’s world in the interest of the consumer, businessmen are restrained from adopting anti- competitive behavior and discourage unfair trade practices. FIRST COMPETITION LAW IN […]

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