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Acid attack is the act of throwing corrosive acid on body of others which damages or melts the skin and flesh of affected area. Acid attack is one of the most prevalent crimes against women. It is a great social evil. It is a sort of worst infliction on other human. It is a disgusting […]

PIL Cases of India which changed the Legal System

PIL Cases of India which changed the Legal System

Introduction Public Interest Litigation, as the name suggests, means litigation for the protection of the public interest. This kind of lawsuit may not necessarily be introduced in a court of law by the aggrieved party but by the court itself or any other private party. It is the power given to the public by courts […]


THE REQUIREMENTS OF FILING CRIMINAL LIABILITY OF A PERSON FOR CAUSING DEATH BY NEGLIGENCE UNDER SECTION 304A OF INDIAN PENAL CODE IPC – 1860 Initially, the penal Code had no provision for punishment in cases where person caused death of another by negligence. Thus Section 304-A was inserted by the lndian penal Code (Amendment) Act […]