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Fundamental Duties

Fundamental Duties are defined as moral obligation of every citizen which is to be followed in spirit of nationalism and patriotism. Fundamental Duties were added in the 42nd Amendment of the constitution. These are mentioned in Art 51A. These duties were taken from the constitution of USSR now Russia, with intent that rights cannot exist […]

Fundamental Rights Under The Indian Constitution

Fundamental Rights Under The Indian Constitution

Overview Fundamental rights are those rights which are guaranteed to the citizens of India under its constitution. The dictionary meaning of the word ’fundamental’ is “important”. Hence, these are the rights which are of extreme and primary importance. Fundamental rights are covered under Part III of the Indian Constitution. These rights are enforceable in the […]

Judicial Separation and Non-Judicial Separation

India is home to diverse religions and marriage is considered to be one of the sacred things. It is a bond which is created by god. No one wants to break this due to various reasons like some do not want to get the stigma of divorce; some think that they will lose their image […]