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Wrongful Restraint ...

OFFENCE OF WRONGFUL RESTRAINT UNDER INDIAN LAW Through this article we attempt to discuss the offence of Wrongful Restraint under the purview of Indian Penal code, highlighting the key ingredients and bringing clarity on the terms “voluntarily’ and “obstruction”. The Constitution of India confers the right to freedom of movement to every person freely throughout […]

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False Imprisonment ...

FALSE IMPRISONMENT False imprisonment is called wrongful confinement in the Indian Penal code. It is basically unlawfully restraining a person’s way in all the directions in order to prevent him from moving in a direction for some period. The period may be small or long. False imprisonment is a tort which is intentional in nature. […]

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Criminal Intimidation ...

Offence of Criminal Intimidation in Indian Law: Under IPC, the offences under which any person threatens another with injury to his person, property or reputation and to avoid that, the other person is made to do an act he is not legally bound to do or to omit to do something he is bound to […]

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