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Against the personal choices and beliefs, there have been some restrictions which have followed to the modern society of today came with the advent of marriage institution. Which meant union of man and woman to the exclusion of all others. This was taken in more serious sense qua women and therefore a wife to someone […]

Unlawful Assembly

India is a land of rights, a land of freedoms; the country with the lengthiest and the bulkiest constitution. Fundamental rights here are considered as a basic structure of constitution and essence of freedom. Constitution of India gives rights to its citizen for peaceful assembly, under article 19 freedom of assembly is guaranteed with also […]

Legal Provisions Related To Honour Killings In India

Legal Provisions Related To Honour Killings In India

Honour killing refers to the killing of a person by his or her family members because he is said to have brought down the image of the family by doing some wrong act such as inter-caste marriage, etc. These types of practices are more common in rural areas. Coming to the point regarding legal provisions […]