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Stages of Criminal Trial in India ...

The procedure of a criminal trial in India is complicated but a person can understand the steps and the stage-wise process of criminal trial in India with a reading of 3-4 minutes | B&B Associates LLP

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Status of consensual relationships in India
Status of consensual relationships in India ...

Can a consensual relationship be treated as de-facto marriage during long cohabitation? Background It is with the advent of 21st Century that phrases like consent, relationships, and marriages have been redefined as permission to reach an agreement, togetherness, and matrimonial deadlocks respectively.  Consensual relationships are primarily intimate and sexual which gets a new meaning when […]

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Attendance in Criminal Cases ...

Is attendance of an accused mandatory in a criminal case? A very vital aspect in every criminal case is that; All the proceedings are supposed to be conducted in presence of the accused. This fundamental principle, on one hand, assures accused of a reasonable trial, but on the other, bounds him down to be personally […]

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