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Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery

Assault: it is an act which is done with the intention of causing apprehension of imminent threat or harm in the mind of the other. Assault is the act of creating apprehension of bodily damage or harm in the mind of the other person. Assault is a civil as well as criminal wrong resulting in […]

Unnatural Offences in Purview of Necrophilia

The term necrophilia is derived from the Greek words necros (corpse, dead body) and philia (love, friendship) means: sexual gratification by having sexual intercourse with the dead and is known to be one of the weirdest, most bizarre and revolting practices of abnormal and perverse sensuality. Usually, the corpses used for sexual purposes are not […]

Reward to informants

Overview An informant is a person who- a) provides specific information regarding tax evasion, b) who helps the concerned authorities to recover assets concerning irrecoverable taxes Government servants can also act as informants but the amount of reward which they are entitled to get will be decided by the competent committees. The reward amount may […]