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Necrophilia ...

UNNATURAL OFFENCES IN PREVIEW OF NECROPHILIA The term necrophilia, derived from the Greek words nekros (corpse, dead body) and philia (love, friendship) means sexual gratification by having sexual intercourse with the dead and is known to be one of the weirdest, most bizarre and revolting practices of abnormal and perverse sensuality. Usually the corpses used […]

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PIL Cases of India which changed the Legal System
PIL Cases of India which changed the Legal System ...

Introduction Public Interest Litigation, as the name suggests, means litigation for the protection of the public interest. This kind of lawsuit may not necessarily be introduced in a court of law by the aggrieved party but by the court itself or any other private party. It is the power given to the public by courts […]

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Criminal Misappropriation ...

Section 403 of IPC defines and prescribes punishment for criminal misappropriation. It applies in the cases wherein the possession of property has been innocently acquired but from subsequent intention or knowledge, the retention becomes wrongful, then it amounts to criminal misappropriation. Section 403 Indian Penal Code (IPC) Reads as follows: Whoever dishonestly misappropriates or converts […]

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