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NRI Divorce

NRI Divorce ...

NRI Divorce – The How and Where Marriage is an institution which unites two people. No one wants to break it, even those who want to break it are afraid of the fear of social stigma. In recent years, there are a lot of NRI Divorce cases entertained in the courts of law in India. […]


Adoption ...

The dictionary meaning of the word adoption is ‘the action or fact of adopting or being adopted. Adoption is the act of taking something on as your own. Adoption usually refers to the legal process of becoming a non-biological parent. It refers to the legal proceeding that creates the parent-child relation between persons not related […]

Restitution of Conjugal Rights ...

Overview In general, conjugal rights are the rights which are provided to the married couples in relation to their sexual relations during the subsistence of the marriage. Restitution of Conjugal rights is the right to stay together. Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 provides a remedy to an aggrieved person if the his\her […]