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Wrongful Restraint of Torts ...

SECTION 339 states that “Whoever voluntarily obstructs any person so as to prevent that person from proceeding in any direction in which that person has a right to proceed, is said wrongfully to restrain that person” Exception: The obstruction of a private way over land or water which a person in good faith believes himself […]

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Private Defence ...

Self-help is the first rule of criminal law. Use of necessary force against the assailant or wrong-doer is legally permissible when immediate state aid cannot be procured. The right of private defense is absolutely necessary for the protection of one’s own life and property. It is based on the human instinct of self preservation. A […]

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Trespass ...

Trespass is said to be the act of crossing the limits prescribed by law. It refers to an unreasonable interference with one’s property or person arising out of a malafide intention.  Trespass is a criminal as well as civil wrong. If a person is invited to home by someone and he is made to sit […]

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