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Geographical Indications
Geographical Indications ...

Overview: The fast growth of International Trade has brought markets closer than ever before. This brings into focus a concern based on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the goods or products that find themselves in markets at the other end of the world as the extension is given to liberalisation in International […]

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Copyright laws v/s Parody
Copyright laws v/s Parody ...

Introduction Copyright is the legal right conferred upon the owner of intellectual property. Copyright grants an exclusive right to the original creators to further develop them for a given amount of time. Copyright laws ensure that the artist’s best interest is protected and provides a safeguard towards his work from piracy. It shields the creator’s expression of ideas. […]

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Patents – What is a Patent?
Patents – What is a Patent? ...

What is a Patent? And how does it protect your rights? In this article, we set out the basic meaning of patent under Indian Law, and the essential facets and advantages of having a patent for your invention. A patent is derived from the Latin word “Patere”, which means “to lay open” (to make it […]

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