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Dowry Death ...

Introduction Dowry death has been one of the most alarming issues in Indian society. We come across huge cases of dowry deaths being filed every day. Dowry death implies the death of a woman due to being constantly harassed for dowry by the husband and his family. Due to patriarchal set up, it is believed […]

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Conversion of Religion and its Effects ...

Overview Under Hindu law, the effect of conversion of religion to another can be described as follows: (A) Law applicable on Conversion. 1. Conversion to other religion effect on the right to inheritance in the property: In Hindu law a person who converts to another religion from Hinduism could not inherit from the Hindu relation. […]

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How are ‘Anand’ Marriages registered in India?
How are ‘Anand’ Marriages registered in India? ...

Introduction The demand of Sikhs for a separate law regarding the registration of the Sikh marriage is not unheard of. It has been going on for over a century with the members of the Sikh community made to register their marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. There were no other means for them, although […]

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