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The Wildlife Protection Act 1972 ...

NEED OF PROTECTION OF WILD LIFE The importance of wildlife to the mankind is undisputed. It is beneficial in various forms such as maintaining ecological balance, conservation of biodiversity, scientific and recreational purposes etc. But with rapid growth in population and increase in environmental pollution, the wildlife is subject to speedy extinction. Thus to protect […]

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Forest conservation act 1980 ...

NEED TO CONSERVE FORESTS The forests are natural renewable resource. They cover nearly 40% of the world’s land. Forests are useful for various purposes such as providing wood, food and shelter, maintaining ecosystem, water cycle of the earth and ecological balance etc. But there has been a reduction in the forest cover throughout the world […]

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National Green Tribunal ...

National Green Tribunal is a specialised forum for the speedy disposal of environment related matters like pollution, forest conservation, etc. It was established in the year 2010 under The National Green Tribunal Act, 2010. The principle bench of NGT has been set up in New Delhi and regional branches have been set up in Pune, […]

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