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Rioting and Affray ...

Rioting and Affray- offences against public peace and tranquility This article draws the comparison between the offences contained in chapter VIII of IPC. For further clarity on any point, you may write to our top lawyers in tricity.  The offences against the public tranquility are included in Chapter VIII of IPC. A. Affray An Affray […]

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Admissible Evidences under the Indian Law
Admissible Evidences under the Indian Law ...

Introduction: The basic principle of law in India is “everyone is innocent in the eyes of the law unless proven guilty.” To prove a person guilty, one party needs to establish a legal act or omission on behalf of the other party. And for proving this, he/she needs to support his complaint with proofs. These […]

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Offence Of Mischief Under Indian Law ...

‘Mischief’ is defined under section 425 of the Indian Penal Code. In fact, the section corresponds to the offence known in English law as “malicious injury to property” in which malice is presumed from the nature of the act committed and its illegality. Section 425 of the IPC based on the principle enunciated in the […]

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