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Plaint ...

Meaning:Plaint is the written statement filed by the plaintiff explaining his cause of action, claim and all the necessary particulars regarding such cause of action. Essentials of a plaint: given in Order 7 Rule 1. Name of the Court and stating why this court has the jurisdiction. Nature of complaint and where such cause of […]

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Fundamental Rights Under The Indian Constitution
Fundamental Rights Under The Indian Constitution ...

Overview Fundamental rights are those rights which are guaranteed to the citizens of India under its constitution. The dictionary meaning of the word ’fundamental’ is “important”. Hence, these are the rights which are of extreme and primary importance. Fundamental rights are covered under Part III of the Indian Constitution. These rights are enforceable in the […]

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Arbitrariness : Antithesis of Article 14
Arbitrariness : Antithesis of Article 14 ...

The concept of reasonableness and non-arbitrariness is the very essence of our constitution and is the golden thread which runs through its fabric. What is arbitrariness? In simplest terms – determined by chance, whim, or impulse, and not by necessity, reason, or principle is known as arbitrariness. What is Article 14? Article 14 of the […]

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