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MACT Claims
MACT Claims ...

Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT)  deals with matters related to compensation of motor accidents victims or their next of kin. The Tribunal deals with claims relating to loss of life/property and injury cases resulting from Motor Accidents. Who can apply for compensation? The person who suffered the injury The owner of the property All or any of […]

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Product Liability in India ...

Overview What is Product Liability? The product which is sold in the market should meet some minimum standards. If the product does not fulfill the reasonable expectation of a consumer, then who would be liable for the product? The answer to this question is what is going to be answered through detailed analysis on the […]

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Motor Vehicle Insurance Laws in India
Motor Vehicle Insurance Laws in India ...

In this article, we will discuss the laws relating to motor vehicle insurance in India. The scope of an insurance policy under Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Also, we will discuss the position of law in India on the rights and liability of the insurer, the insured and the third party. What is Motor Vehicle Insurance? […]

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