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Election Laws
Election Laws ...

Overview Part XV of the constitution provides for the regulations related to the elections. Ours is a parliamentary form of democracy. It is necessary that the elections are conducted without any bias. A suitable machinery is set up for the purpose of elections. Article 324 to 329 deals with the election laws. Election Commission: Election […]

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Justice Versus Proceedure ...

Order 11 of Code of Civil Procedure 1908, authorizes the parties to deliver list of interrogatories in writing to the other party, with leave of the court and order 11, rule 12 says that the court shall decide within 7 days the fate of such application and leave shall be given as to such interrogatories […]

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Women’s Rights in Matrimonial Home
Women’s Rights in Matrimonial Home ...

Women are an integral part of a society. They have as many rights as men have. Constitution of India guarantees them equal fundamental rights. However, in practice, the plight of women in India is not the same as that of men. In order to make them equal to men, the government has launched several schemes […]

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