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Reward to informants

Overview An informant is a person who- a) provides specific information regarding tax evasion, b) who helps the concerned authorities to recover assets concerning irrecoverable taxes Government servants can also act as informants but the amount of reward which they are entitled to get will be decided by the competent committees. The reward amount may […]

White-Collar Crimes in India: A Legal Perspective

White-Collar Crimes in India: A Legal Perspective

It must be noted that in India several cases of defrauding the banks have been coming in light. To keep a check and tackle the economic offenders who have taken the shelter in foreign nations, the Central Investigation Bureau (CBI) has formed an “Economic Intelligence Wing”.

Wrongful Confinement

WRONGFUL CONFINEMENT AS UNDER INDIAN LAW Wrongful confinement defined under section 340, of the Indian Penal Code is a form of wrongful restraint under which a person is wrongfully prevented from proceeding beyond certain circumscribed limits. For example, arrest or locking up a man in a room or tying him to a tree, amounts to […]