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Copyright FAQs ...

Copyrights are one of the most used forms of IPR. However, due to the form in which they vest, has led to a lot of ambiguity as to their application. In this article we shall answer a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding copyright. 1. Why to get copyright? The owner of any […]

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Patents – What is a Patent?
Patents – What is a Patent? ...

What is a Patent? And how does it protect your rights? In this article, we set out the basic meaning of patent under Indian Law, and the essential facets and advantages of having a patent for your invention. A patent is derived from the Latin word “Patere”, which means “to lay open” (to make it […]

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What is Patent Pending?
What is Patent Pending? ...

What is Patent Pending and how do we use the term “Patent Pending”? Under Indian law (S.111 of the Indian Patents Act, 1970), in a patent infringement case where the defendant can prove that they are unaware of the patent or its application, there can be no claim for an account of profits and the […]

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