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Infrastructure laws on Naval Ports and Airports
Infrastructure laws on Naval Ports and Airports ...

The infrastructure sector consists of various sectors. Each sector has its own governing Statue and as such does not bear any harmonisation with the regulations pertaining to other sector. Under these Statutes the private developers are provided with the modes and means to participate by granting them the licenses. In some cases contractual relationship between the private developer and the government is established for the development of a particular infrastructure project.

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Government incentives for promoting PPP in India ...

To encourage the private participation the Government of India has taken initiative by facilitating following funds to the PPP sector. 1. Viability Gap Funding (VGF) – The infrastructure projects which are acceptable economically but typically fall short on financial viability are granted support under this scheme. To qualify under this scheme the private sector sponsors […]

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Bid Process Management
Bid Process Management ...

Bid process management is bifurcated in many stages which require expert skill and expertise. During this process, several bid-related documents are floated. The selection of the private party is made on the basis of the evaluation of the applications. The several stages leading to the selection of the successful bidder is divided into following stages: […]

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