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Engineering, Procurement & Construction contract (EPC)

Engineering, Procurement & Construction contract (EPC) ...

What are Engineering, Procurement & Construction contract (EPC)? The most popular type of contract in the contract management module is Engineering, Procurement & Construction contracts (EPC). This type of contract typically is drawn between the two – the Government (client) and the private sector developer (contractor). Wherein, the entire project is funded by the government. […]

Hybrid Annuity Model in PPP projects, India

Hybrid Annuity Model in PPP projects, India ...

Introduction: The highway projects in India are commonly awarded via one of the following three widely accepted PPP models: 1. Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)-Annuity – The private developer builds and thereafter operates the highways for an indicated duration known as concession period and on the completion of the said time period and transfers the same back to […]

Bid Process Management

Bid Process Management ...

Bid process management is bifurcated in many stages which require expert skill and expertise. During this process, several bid-related documents are floated. The selection of the private party is made on the basis of the evaluation of the applications. The several stages leading to the selection of the successful bidder is divided into following stages: […]