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Suit for Damages
Suit for Damages ...

Introduction Whenever a party suffers any injury or loss as a result of any breach of contract, he may claim damages for the loss or injury suffered by him as a result of that act. The major principle forming the base of this scheme is to provide compensation and not punishment. Objective The approach adopted […]

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Importance of Indemnity Clause in a Contract
Importance of Indemnity Clause in a Contract ...

Introduction According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, indemnity is the “protection against possible damage or loss, especially a promise of payment, or the money paid if there is such damage or loss.” An indemnity can be referred to as a promise by one party ensuring the other party, compensation for the loss suffered as a consequence of an event specified in the contract, called the ”trigger(ing) […]

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Never Gamble On a Lawsuit!
Never Gamble On a Lawsuit! ...

Your choice of a lawyer directly reflects in the result of your case. How can a layman know if the lawyer is bad? Yes, there’s a catch. A novice can’t judge an expert you’ll say. Well, not really. Laymen can conduct a five-point check to test and find the suitable lawyer for themselves: 1. Is […]

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