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What makes a Good Lawyer?

What makes a Good Lawyer? ...

Have you ever wondered about the characteristics one needs to possess to be called a good lawyer? If yes, then check out the following list to see if you fit the bill: 1.Good communication skills “The lawyer’s truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency.” -Henry David Thoreau An excellent oratory skill is […]

Enforcement of Foreign Decrees ...

INTRODUCTION Globalization of the economy has opened up new horizons for the businesses which were earlier a distant dream in closed economy. As business transactions have taken a whole new dimension across the border, hence there are various problems which were earlier not faced by the people. The emergence of disputes across the border is […]

Proclaimed Offender

Proclaimed Offender ...

A Proclaimed offender proceeding is an action of the court through which the court affirm the person as the proclaimed offender and directs the concerned police officials to arrest the person named in the proceeding and produce him before the court and the name and details of the proclaimed offender are published in the newspapers […]