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Plaint ...

Meaning:Plaint is the written statement filed by the plaintiff explaining his cause of action, claim and all the necessary particulars regarding such cause of action. Essentials of a plaint: given in Order 7 Rule 1. Name of the Court and stating why this court has the jurisdiction. Nature of complaint and where such cause of […]

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Limitations to Right to Information: An Indian Perspective
Limitations to Right to Information: An Indian Perspective ...

Overview: On 12 December 2005, the Central Government of India approved the Right to Information Act. It gives a right to common man that they fire direct questions to the government and they need to provide a reply within 30 days. The objective of the Act is to establish “the practical regime of right to […]

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Seventh Schedule ...

SEVENTH SCHEDULE The Constitution of India covers the list of areas to extent of which the State and Union Government can exercise their powers. It is covered in seventh schedule of Constitution of India. Hence, one level of government doesn’t interfere within areas of the other. The Schedule is divided in three parts i.e.  It […]

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