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Suit for Damages
Suit for Damages ...

Introduction Whenever a party suffers any injury or loss as a result of any breach of contract, he may claim damages for the loss or injury suffered by him as a result of that act. The major principle forming the base of this scheme is to provide compensation and not punishment. Objective The approach adopted […]

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What makes a Good Lawyer?
What makes a Good Lawyer? ...

Have you ever wondered about the characteristics one needs to possess to be called a good lawyer? If yes, then check out the following list to see if you fit the bill: 1.Good communication skills “The lawyer’s truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency.” -Henry David Thoreau An excellent oratory skill is […]

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Enforcement of Decree ...

Introduction Execution is the final stage of any litigation process in civil suit. Basically, there are three stages in whole process of litigation: Initiation of litigation Adjudication and hearing of litigation by the judicial court of law. After the adjudication is complete, the result of litigation which is known as decree is enforced. Execution – […]

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