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Enforcement of Foreign Decrees ...

INTRODUCTION Globalization of the economy has opened up new horizons for the businesses which were earlier a distant dream in closed economy. As business transactions have taken a whole new dimension across the border, hence there are various problems which were earlier not faced by the people. The emergence of disputes across the border is […]

Computation of Compensation

Computation of Compensation ...

ASSESSMENT OF COMPENSATION The courts can only grant compensation for the pecuniary and monetary loss caused and some other expenses, but no court can even attempt to grant compensation for loss of life or limb. Mainly pecuniary loss has to be assessed. The long expectation of life is connected to the earning capacity of the […]

Uniform Civil Code in India- Yes or No?

Uniform Civil Code in India- Yes or No? ...

The Constitution of India provides for Uniform Civil Code under Article 44 as a Directive Principle of State Policy. Article 44 states that “the State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.” The Uniform Civil Code in India proposes to replace the personal laws based on […]