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Crime committed by minor | Juvenile Justice Act

Overview A person who has not attained the statutory age of majority i.e., 18 years of age is treated as a Juvenile in Indian legal system. In common usage, they are known as minors. Any crime committed by minor falls within the purview of Juvenile Justice Act. The purpose of this act is to bring […]



FIR known as First-Hand Report is an initial report in form of a written document prepared by police officers when they receive information about the commission of an offense which is cognizable in nature. This means the police officer can suo moto take an action on an offense without prior approval from the court. This […]


The Best Criminal Advocates for Murder Cases in Chandigarh are the ones profoundly versed into the intricacies of laws related to murder litigation. Ingredients of MURDER under Section 300 of Indian Penal Code. 1) Intention to cause death – The first clause of S. 300 stipulates that when act is done with the intention of […]