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Offence Of Mischief Under Indian Law

‘Mischief’ is defined under section 425 of the Indian Penal Code. In fact, the section corresponds to the offence known in English law as “malicious injury to property” in which malice is presumed from the nature of the act committed and its illegality. Section 425 of the IPC based on the principle enunciated in the […]

Anticipatory Bail

Anticipatory Bail

INTRODUCTION What is Anticipatory Bail? Anticipatory bail or pre arrest bail is taken prior to arrest. However, it becomes effective from the time of arrest. As the word anticipation itself means, it is in expectation of some sort of accusation by the applicant. The provisions in law are laid out U/s 438 of Criminal Procedure […]

Criminal Intimidation

Offence of Criminal Intimidation in Indian Law: Under IPC, the offences under which any person threatens another with injury to his person, property or reputation and to avoid that, the other person is made to do an act he is not legally bound to do or to omit to do something he is bound to […]