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Status of consensual relationships in India
Status of consensual relationships in India ...

Can a consensual relationship be treated as de-facto marriage during long cohabitation? Background It is with the advent of 21st Century that phrases like consent, relationships, and marriages have been redefined as permission to reach an agreement, togetherness, and matrimonial deadlocks respectively.  Consensual relationships are primarily intimate and sexual which gets a new meaning when […]

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Quashing of FIR ...

Beginning with what is FIR? FIR stands for First Information Report. Whenever any offence is committed, a written document is prepared by the police in pursuit of that offence. This written document is known as an FIR. In other words, it is a general complaint filed by the victim himself or someone on his behalf. […]

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Best Criminal Lawyers
Best Criminal Lawyers ...

CRIMINAL LAW PRACTICE: as approached by the best criminal lawyers! – compiled by the firm’s top criminal lawyers in Chandigarh. To understand criminal law, one must first understand what crime is. Strange enough, there is no universal definition of ‘crime’. In fact, a crime in one city, state or nation, may not be so in another. […]

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