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How to Draft and File a consumer complaint
How to Draft and File a consumer complaint ...

– This article purports to empower laymen, to be able to draft and file a consumer complaint and seek justice for themselves. We suggest you keep open The Consumer Protection Act 1986 for handy reference. For clarification, you may write to some of our best lawyers for consumer matters in Chandigarh. The relationship between traders […]

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Product Liability in India ...

Overview What is Product Liability? The product which is sold in the market should meet some minimum standards. If the product does not fulfill the reasonable expectation of a consumer, then who would be liable for the product? The answer to this question is what is going to be answered through detailed analysis on the […]

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What makes a Good Lawyer?
What makes a Good Lawyer? ...

Have you ever wondered about the characteristics one needs to possess to be called a good lawyer? If yes, then check out the following list to see if you fit the bill: 1.Good communication skills “The lawyer’s truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency.” -Henry David Thoreau An excellent oratory skill is […]

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