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Following someone stealthily is called stalking. Generally, the women are a victim of Stalking which has been criminalised by the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013. This act is also known as anti-rape act. This Act aimed to amend the prevailing law related to sexual offences in India. The act is a result of the Delhi […]


The Best Criminal Advocates for Murder Cases in Chandigarh are the ones profoundly versed into the intricacies of laws related to murder litigation. Ingredients of MURDER under Section 300 of Indian Penal Code. 1) Intention to cause death – The first clause of S. 300 stipulates that when act is done with the intention of […]

Admissible Evidences under the Indian Law

Admissible Evidences under the Indian Law

Introduction: The basic principle of law in India is “everyone is innocent in the eyes of the law unless proven guilty.” To prove a person guilty, one party needs to establish a legal act or omission on behalf of the other party. And for proving this, he/she needs to support his complaint with proofs. These […]