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Never Gamble On a Lawsuit!
Never Gamble On a Lawsuit! ...

Your choice of a lawyer directly reflects in the result of your case. How can a layman know if the lawyer is bad? Yes, there’s a catch. A novice can’t judge an expert you’ll say. Well, not really. Laymen can conduct a five-point check to test and find the suitable lawyer for themselves: 1. Is […]

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Implications Of Domestic Violence ...

Implications of Domestic Violence Act 2005 The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, grants Indian women more rights and protections than have ever been granted to them in the past. The act gives a very broad definition of domestic violence including everything from physical to emotional to economic abuse. Laws are made so […]

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Conversion of Religion and its Effects ...

Overview Under Hindu law, the effect of conversion of religion to another can be described as follows: (A) Law applicable on Conversion. 1. Conversion to other religion effect on the right to inheritance in the property: In Hindu law a person who converts to another religion from Hinduism could not inherit from the Hindu relation. […]

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