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Municipalities ...

Municipalities This concept of municipal governance in India is not a modern concept, it was quite developed in medieval times, in 1666 first municipal body came into force that was Madras Municipal Corporation in 1726 Bombay Municipal and Calcutta Municipal Corporation were founded. Before the 74th amendment of the constitution, system of municipal bodies was […]

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Land Acquisition ...

Land Acquisition Land acquisition refers to the process by which union or state govt. in India acquires private land for the purpose of industrialization, development of infrastructural facilities and for urbanization of the area. It also includes acquisition by private companies through private negotiations. The acquiring body is liable to pay compensation to the affected […]

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Administrative Law ...

With great power comes great responsibility. Under Administrative Law, the government authorities have powers and functions to administer an organization, there is a specified manner in which these powers are to be exercised and the aggrieved persons have vested rights available to them when administrative power is abused. The administrative actions of authorities can be […]

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